LED for Small Business

Any size business can benefit from working with us. Lower your electricity usage and maintenance costs. No project is too big or too small.

led for small business in chicago

Auto Dealerships

Enhance the look of your dealership while saving money. Let your automobiles shine, and eliminate the need to change bulbs and ballasts. The rebate programs in place make now the time to install LED lights.

led for small auto dealers in chicago

Parking Lots

Crown Commercial Lighting Inc. has installed hundreds of LED pole, area and security lighting in hundreds of parking lots. From condo buildings to strip malls to shopping centers, contact us today to schedule a free assessment of your property.

led for parking lots in chicago


Improve occupant productivity and safety with LED Lights in your Warehouse.

led for warehoues lots in chicago

Gas Stations

One of the first industries to adopt LED. Improve station appearance and safety, and drastically reduce your electric bill.

led for chicago gas stations